Is Your Home In An Emotional Ghetto??

Several times in mScreen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.37.29 AMy life I’ve placed my personal life to the side to do things that were heart driven and which I felt I was directed to do. One of those moments in my life was an extended stay at a Home For Children as a home parent for a couple of years. I’ve always wanted to help children….and this place was filled with children who had problems with abuse, neglect, abandonment and emotional separation. I learned a lot about human behavior while living at the orphanage. It taught me there were stories, that if told, not a single person would minutely believe them unless they could have looked into their eyes and see the extreme pain passed down from their abusers they called “momma” or “daddy.”

There were many situations, however, one particular story made me realize how powerful the driving force and emotional bond of “love” can override logic in its extreme search for acceptance. To avoid using real names I’ll refer to this little boy as Michael. After receiving Michael from the state after being extremely abused, I remember greeting him, walking down the sidewalk to the house, carrying what little clothes he had in a worn-out gym bag. He was like most all the children on their first day at the orphanage, with sadness in his eyes, the difficulty of looking up, eyes dancing back and forth as if looking for someone.

The Home For Children was a combination of what was left of an old college, and then there were about 10 homes that were set up for home parents and the children who were residents in the institution. I had one of those homes, which we had approximately 10 boys housed there, of which I introduced Michael to the other boys and helped him get familiar with his new bedroom and the home. It was obvious that he wanted to talk, but the emotions just wouldn’t let him. I’m sure the words were like a ball stuck in his throat encapsulated by the drama, the involuntary changes that were so confusing to him. Over the next few days it got worse.

At breakfast the next morning, Michael ate as if he hadn’t had a good meal in a long time. And what I noticed was that he took a few pieces of bread and a banana from the table, thinking no one was looking, and put them inside his coat. I didn’t think about it as too much of an issue, however, a few days later one of the boys staying in the same room was complaining about the room being cold. I checked on the problem, called maintenance and asked them to correct the heating problem. It was Winter and the weather got very cold at night. Before the maintenance director arrived I saw something in the floor register so I pulled the register off. I found the register packed full of Hostess snacks blocking the air from blowing heat into the room. Michael had taken snacks from the pantry and hid them in the register. Although he had been eating very good, he was hording food for security issues.

I created a place in a drawer in his room for him to store some snacks so he would feel secure and I told him that those were his snacks and no one else. Still after several weeks, he hadn’t spoken a single word, until I did that. He reached his arms around me and said, “Will the other boys be mad at me for making the room cold?” I put my hands on his shoulders, pushing him back so I could see his face, eyes filled with tears, and I dropped to one knee so I would be eye-to-eye. I said, “Michael, the other boys won’t know why the room was cold unless you tell them. If you feel like you need to tell them, it is your choice.” He replied, “I want my Daddy.”

Michael’s mother was killed in an automobile accident, leaving Michael and his father alone. Michael’s father was bitter, angry, and had turned to alcohol. He hadn’t been sober since Michael’s mother had been killed in the accident. He took his anger out on Michael. The report said the father was angry at Michael because he reminded him of his wife. When the authorities found Michael, the father had Michael chained like a dog in an out building, feeding him and watering him like an animal. Michael had been in the out building for approximately 11 days according to the authorities. The father was in bad condition due to his drinking and the boy was almost dead from dehydration and the cold.

Something happened that I didn’t expect. Some of the boys came running up to me saying, “Michael ran away! He’s gone!” We called 911 and had the authorities create a search for him. They found him. He was alright. I sat with Michael that night, and asked, “Why did you run away Michael?” His response was shocking but it’s understandable. He said, “I want my Daddy. When can I see my Daddy?” You see…..even after his father did all that to him, he loved him, missed him, and wanted to be with him. His security was with him. Michael understood the bond of love beyond the pain. Michael tried several attempts to run away. We always found him. He was always looking for a way to find his father.

Michael’s life was an emotional ghetto. Yet…..he was homesick for it. It was all he knew. Even the life of pain he endured was his security. How does this apply to you? Do you see yourself being held back due to the chains? Are you finding your progress limited to the length of that chain? Has the bondage of your past made you cold? Is your life dehydrated and thirsty for a smile?

Reprogramming your subconscious mind isn’t always easy, but the outcome is well worth the effort. Share this article on Facebook and other Social Media to all your friends who might gain some insight into their life and to hopefully shine light on their future. Thank you.

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Strength in TEAM

Together It's PossibleI’m in Tokyo at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel writing this blog today. Yesterday I spoke to some very wonderful people here at the Yokohama location. The main focus of the meeting was the “Strength of TEAM” and how by staying together as a group of leaders would assure security for the whole organization. During this meeting it was apparent that everyone in the room were relating to this analogy as it was being presented. I felt the need to establish the importance of the TEAM and gave several analogies to support this principle of leadership dynamics.

One of the important points I clearly explained was that security was NOT found when you find yourself alone. I used the illustration of a pencil and how easily a pencil could be broken when by itself. However, when you combine the pencil with many other pencils and attempt to break them all at once it is virtually impossible. A sheet of paper is easily torn when by itself, however we all know how difficult it would be to tear an entire book. A string is very easy to break, however when combined with other strings to become a rope it is capable of holding massive ships in a port giving it security.

Strength in TEAM is one of the most important ways to establish long-term success in any business or organization that depends on people. Leadership understands this. To become a strong leader, one must first know the vulnerability of being all alone, breakable, insecure, and at risk in the world, then having the insight to change your circumstances by empowering your future by your affiliations. A leader never forgets what it feels like to be alone, and determines to never be alone again. A leader differentiates between the insecurity of being alone with the security of being part of the shared strength of others.

I made a comment yesterday in the Yokohama meeting which focused keenly on the power of being strong, making promises to yourself, and to care about your own well-being. It is important to empower yourself by continuously doing that which brings success, health, and security to yourself. How can you love others until you have first loved yourself? How can you empower others until you have first empowered yourself? How can you change others unless you are first dedicated to changing yourself? “I promise myself” became the focus last evening as I saw the tears expressed in the eyes of those who realized they have a life ahead of them that can only be reached…….if they find strength in themselves and in each other. It is time…….

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Leading With Diversity

Leading With DiversityAre you building your team with the smart approach? Obviously many in the profession are clueless as to how this simple mistake can keep them from being one of the top leaders in our business.

Jef Welch has experienced traveling the world in the Network Marketing business and has had the opportunity to mix in with almost every type of culture you would imagine. He has eaten food most people wouldn’t eat, took horse and carriage rides through old world countries, and walked the streets and alleys that many would fear to walk. He has seen the poorest to the richest.

His experience has taught him many lessons in life and in business. And this video is possibly one that will shock most of you as it reveals one of the biggest mistakes top leaders in the Network Marketing business make. This subject never gets attention in most training sessions, however it is one of the most important blocks of wisdom one could learn before ever building their core leadership group……if they truly want to sore to the top.

Send this to every leader you know. This is a lesson for everyone to hear as Jef Welch explains why to build with diversity in your business.

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Capture The Winning Mindset

Click to Watch VideoNever before has the economy been so shaken globally. The Gross Domestic Product has now been unbalanced for more than 5 years representing the longest term of instability in the American economy since before the Great Depression. The percentage of the worldwide trade in relation to the United States is the lowest in history for more than 70 years.

Each recessionary period has almost doubled in length each time and this recession is not an exception. The fear is that this recession will meet the next recession before it ends. What is the answer. Watch the video and find out. It’s all about capturing the winning mindset to achieve your personal goals regardless of the economic impact. Global Prosperity Marketing is dedicated to mentoring leaders internationally to lead the way to prosperity and financial freedom.

It’s all about the team approach and the ability to realize the power behind a cumulative effort in self-development. Every generation, including the Baby Boomers, X-Generation, and the Y-Generation is empowered by the Global Prosperity Marketing system of success.

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Network Marketing is for Everyone

GPM MLM Weekly TipWhy are some leaders in Network Marketing successful only once while others seem to have success every time they join another company? Well the answer is simple.

Click the video link to find out the answer to this simple question. It will surprise you….I guarantee it.

Don’t throw away your success because you’re just too stubborn to listen to great advice. You have the same desire as millions of others…….to be self-independent, wealthy, secure, and to have the “freedom” to do what YOU want to do.

Watch the video…..all the way through to the end. This video might just be about you.

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You Need Global Prosperity Marketing Mentorship

I’m sure you want to be your best. At Global Prosperity Marketing, we specialize in equipping distributors worldwide in being the best in Network Marketing. Much of the best wisdom is learned through “trial and error.” You can either learn from over 60 years of industry history and professional experience…….or go out there on your own and attempt to get it right. Remember…..the whole point in this business is to live as though you retired young. If you go-at-it on your own, chances are you’ll be old and financially broke by the time you figure it out.

In the Network Marketing profession, it’s much like many other professions. During the earlier years people weren’t blessed with the massive amounts of knowledge they have today. The pioneers have created a well established road before you to follow. Before them, there were not any roads at all. We owe much to those who risked it all and many times lost it all trying to define our profession. Our gratitude to them should be something felt by all of us.

To follow the wisdom which has been established over the past 60-plus years is like being on a super-highway to success. If you go-at-it on your own (without mentoring), you aren’t on that super-highway…’re not even on a dirt road. Get out the axe and start cutting down the trees and hope that the path you create will lead somewhere besides over a rock cliff in the middle of no-where.

In my earlier years of Network Marketing, I was fortunate enough to realize the need for a mentor. After searching for several years I was introduced to powerful leaders in the profession of Network Marketing.

Jef Welch and his international partners created a strong panel of Mentors worldwide representing the Global Prosperity Marketing (Global Team). It is compiled of key distributors in various companies and countries who are willing to create a legacy of “Equipping the Profession.” If you’re interested in being part of this global team of professional mentors, please send us an email at to receive correspondence regarding this massive campaign for excellence. Make sure you send us all your contact information.

Are you ready to create your legacy with Global Prosperity Marketing? Jef Welch will set the example of what true mentoring is all about.

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Who Am I To Judge?

Who Am I To Judge?Years ago I realized how judgmental I had become. I found myself judging others that were outside the realm of which I patterned my life or lifestyle, and the crazy part of it all is, I thought I was correct in my thinking.

The Holy Bible says, “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. For as you judge others, so you will yourselves be judged….” (Matthew 7:1). Amazingly I found this to be very true. Why? Well…..let’s just say…..misery loves company. When you are judgmental, those around you will be as well. When you have a negative conversation about someone, everyone wants to join in. You find yourself surrounded by people who are just like you. If you’re positive, your friends with be as well. If you are negative, well… get the picture.

The Sufi poet Rumi once wrote, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” We alienate ourselves with self-alienating communication, trapping ourselves in a world of judgments. We sometimes speak a language of judgment (therefore programming our entire day for the default of negative behavior). If we occupy our communication with who’s good, bad, normal, abnormal, responsible, irresponsible, smart, ignorant, beautiful, ugly, fit, fat, etc., it will only absorb our lives with a box to live in of small proportion.

I decided long ago to fight the tendency of being judgmental. Just because I don’t agree with someone doesn’t give me the right to be their judge. Am I always perfect in this continuous fight to be non-judgmental? Nope…..I fail consistently. But I am trying. I find myself failing at this battle quite often….especially when I’m around someone who has a negative attitude or someone who is judgmental of others. It’s easy to conform to the conversations around you when you are with people who accept negative behaviors.

I was asked by a group of teenagers years ago in a church Sunday School class a question. “Jef, are you prejudice?” Wow!! That question came out of no where. The room was filled with a wide diversity of teens that were anticipating my answer. I replied…. “Yes, I’m prejudice.” They were astounded at my answer and they began being very vocal about it. I quickly held my hand up and asked them to give me a chance to explain. I said, “I’m prejudice against people who are prejudice. And in my opinion that is still very bad. You see, prejudice is a form of hate… matter how you look at it. We all have our battles to win victory over.”

When you see an opportunity to share your feelings about someone (or even a group of people), maybe it’s best you stop, think, and feel the effect it would have on you if others were to say the same about you. I fight this battle every day. It gets better.

Maybe you’re not the person I am or that I’m trying to be. Maybe you don’t vote like I do. Maybe you don’t speak the same language. Maybe you don’t have the same lifestyle. That’s OK……

Who am I to judge?

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