You Need Global Prosperity Marketing Mentorship

I’m sure you want to be your best. At Global Prosperity Marketing, we specialize in equipping distributors worldwide in being the best in Network Marketing. Much of the best wisdom is learned through “trial and error.” You can either learn from over 60 years of industry history and professional experience…….or go out there on your own and attempt to get it right. Remember…..the whole point in this business is to live as though you retired young. If you go-at-it on your own, chances are you’ll be old and financially broke by the time you figure it out.

In the Network Marketing profession, it’s much like many other professions. During the earlier years people weren’t blessed with the massive amounts of knowledge they have today. The pioneers have created a well established road before you to follow. Before them, there were not any roads at all. We owe much to those who risked it all and many times lost it all trying to define our profession. Our gratitude to them should be something felt by all of us.

To follow the wisdom which has been established over the past 60-plus years is like being on a super-highway to success. If you go-at-it on your own (without mentoring), you aren’t on that super-highway…’re not even on a dirt road. Get out the axe and start cutting down the trees and hope that the path you create will lead somewhere besides over a rock cliff in the middle of no-where.

In my earlier years of Network Marketing, I was fortunate enough to realize the need for a mentor. After searching for several years I was introduced to powerful leaders in the profession of Network Marketing.

Jef Welch and his international partners created a strong panel of Mentors worldwide representing the Global Prosperity Marketing (Global Team). It is compiled of key distributors in various companies and countries who are willing to create a legacy of “Equipping the Profession.” If you’re interested in being part of this global team of professional mentors, please send us an email at to receive correspondence regarding this massive campaign for excellence. Make sure you send us all your contact information.

Are you ready to create your legacy with Global Prosperity Marketing? Jef Welch will set the example of what true mentoring is all about.


About jefwelch

Jef Welch is a professional network marketer representing the industry as a whole while working directly with the Global Prosperity Marketing Team.
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