Strength in TEAM

Together It's PossibleI’m in Tokyo at the Shinagawa Prince Hotel writing this blog today. Yesterday I spoke to some very wonderful people here at the Yokohama location. The main focus of the meeting was the “Strength of TEAM” and how by staying together as a group of leaders would assure security for the whole organization. During this meeting it was apparent that everyone in the room were relating to this analogy as it was being presented. I felt the need to establish the importance of the TEAM and gave several analogies to support this principle of leadership dynamics.

One of the important points I clearly explained was that security was NOT found when you find yourself alone. I used the illustration of a pencil and how easily a pencil could be broken when by itself. However, when you combine the pencil with many other pencils and attempt to break them all at once it is virtually impossible. A sheet of paper is easily torn when by itself, however we all know how difficult it would be to tear an entire book. A string is very easy to break, however when combined with other strings to become a rope it is capable of holding massive ships in a port giving it security.

Strength in TEAM is one of the most important ways to establish long-term success in any business or organization that depends on people. Leadership understands this. To become a strong leader, one must first know the vulnerability of being all alone, breakable, insecure, and at risk in the world, then having the insight to change your circumstances by empowering your future by your affiliations. A leader never forgets what it feels like to be alone, and determines to never be alone again. A leader differentiates between the insecurity of being alone with the security of being part of the shared strength of others.

I made a comment yesterday in the Yokohama meeting which focused keenly on the power of being strong, making promises to yourself, and to care about your own well-being. It is important to empower yourself by continuously doing that which brings success, health, and security to yourself. How can you love others until you have first loved yourself? How can you empower others until you have first empowered yourself? How can you change others unless you are first dedicated to changing yourself? “I promise myself” became the focus last evening as I saw the tears expressed in the eyes of those who realized they have a life ahead of them that can only be reached…….if they find strength in themselves and in each other. It is time…….


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Jef Welch is a professional network marketer representing the industry as a whole while working directly with the Global Prosperity Marketing Team.
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2 Responses to Strength in TEAM

  1. Frank Asrawe says:

    That was great blog Jef and very true… work is so essential to achieving success!
    In my opinion the strength of team work is communication between the leaders and a systom in place that is easy to duplicate….people that think they can do it there way and not follow the simple systom that is easy to duplicate will find that they will not find the success that they are looking for.
    One wise man said to me a few years ago that if you want to be successful in life you need to learn how to duplicate your self and that 1 hand does not clap by itself.

  2. John Welch says:

    That is so very true Jef I have seen and used the Broken pencil befor another one we should all visit every once in a while…….. Thank you for sharing

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