Jef’s Vision

Jef Welch has been know as the “MLM Business Man” for many years. His no non-sense approach to the Network Marketing business has earned him that reputation. His affiliation with Network Marketing is primarily out of respect for the many years he has been associated with the many great leaders for their unique ability in this business. Jef Welch and Rick Bazzill are credited for creating one of the world’s largest network marketing companies in the industry, Neways International, of which was sold in 2006 to Golden Gate Capitals (not long after Golden Gate Capitals purchased Herbalife).

The training/mentoring provided through Jef Welch (Sustained Prosperity System) is supported by the more than 60 years of industry history, and partnerships with Rick Bazzill. Network Marketing provides people with the freedom to dream again.

Jef Welch and the Global Prosperity Team are here to help you capture your share of the prosperity distributed throughout the world.

Jef Welch

Jef Welch

Jef Welch, "The MLM Business Man"


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